Fun DIY Beach Cart Projects to Try This Summer

April 20, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Did you know your beach cart can be used in other ways too? Check out these fun DIY beach cart projects you can try this summer. If you have other ideas, leave them in a comment so others can see them!

Also, don’t forget to add some of your favorite beach accessories to these DIY projects, so you have the best experience! Bring a blue tooth speaker for the tones or a mini popcorn machine for fresh snacks!

diy beach cart lemonade s tand
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Beach Lemonade Stand

Does your kiddo have a summer project? Try to revamp your beach cart into a lemonade stand! You can find plenty of printouts from Pinterest and other resources, and the cooler will keep your lemonade nice and chill. Plus, most beach carts have an umbrella holder to keep your kid in the shade.

Ice Cream Cart

Not a lemonade fan? How about an ice cream cart, then? The easiest way to do this is to get a cooler wagon. Store whatever ice cream you want inside, and decorate the exterior with your favorite printouts. Or, you can use a larger beach cart, put a cooler in it, and fill the rest of the space with other things like snacks or beach toys.

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Laundry Basket Beach Cart

Have you ever thought about using your laundry basket as a beach cart? Well, this person did! All he did was find a mesh laundry basket, an axle, and some wheels. This means you can DIY a balloon wheel beach cart using our balloon wheel conversion kit. But, of course, you can also use the axles with other types of wheels.

DIY beach cart flower wagon idea
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Beach Flower Cart

Make a surprise mother’s day gift with a beach flower cart! If your cart has a solid bottom, use a cardboard box on the inside to hold some potting soil so you can use real plants instead of store flowers for this idea. Otherwise, simply fill your main compartment with flowers and other decors.

Mobile Dog House

We already put our doggies in the beach cart, so why not pamper them with a mobile dog house? This would be a great project to do with your little one. All you need is any assembly dog house you can buy from Walmart. As long as the bottom is smaller than your beach cart, you can easily put the doghouse on the wheel.

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Mobile Baby Tent

Strollers often get stuck on sand easily. So, it would be smarter to turn your beach cart into a baby tent. Put a sun-proof canopy over your wagon, and leave your kiddo’s favorite toys there. Make sure you add some sort of safety belt function, just in case. We want your baby to have fun safely.

Art Fair Display Cart

Vending at a beach festival? You can easily turn your cart into a display wagon. You can secure metal grids with zip locks, then hang small craft items or artworks on the front. And Voila, you’ve got yourself a display station. This idea works for jewelry, keyrings, sunglasses, small frames… You name it! You can also use smaller crates to create more complicated displays.



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