Best Beach Wagon for Soft Sand (Updated 2022)

October 28, 2022by Mike Mayleben
  • Best Beach Cart for Soft Sand

    Ultimate Beach Cart XL

    #1 Beach Cart with Balloon Wheels on the market. Tired of struggling to get all your gear to your spot on the beach? Solve your back pain and stop feeling like a pack mule with this balloon wheel wagon, it even holds your beach umbrella to save from trying to keep it up in the sand. Don't take our word for it, read the reviews below on how amazing this beach cart is. The Ultimate Beach Cart XL has been our bestseller five years in a row. Don't wait, buy now before it goes out of stock. Featuring Umbrella Holders, Liner, Rear Chair Racks, and 12" Balloon Wheels designed for effortless rolling. Holds up to 200lbs and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Balloon Wheel Beach Cart

    Balloon Wheel Beach Cart - RIO Wonder Wheeler Limited Edition

    Need a beach cart that fits in your truck, but still glides in soft sand? This Balloon Wheel Beach Cart - RIO Wonder Wheeler is a multi-purpose folding beach cart with insulated cooler bag that makes getting to the beach easier. It is a versatile utility cart and can hold a 48-quart cooler plus four beach chairs. This product is perfect for a day trip to the beach or lakefront. 12" balloon wheels and custom axle converts this cart into a compact folding beach cart that glides in soft sand. This is the #1 Folding Beach Cart because of our 12" Balloon Wheels that we add to the RIO Wonder Wheeler beach cart.  

Not all beach carts are made the same. One of the complaints we hear the most from our friends and families about beach wagons they’ve bought elsewhere is that instead of rolling, the cart felt more being dragged around on a soft beach. And that’s why we decided to put together a list of the best beach wagon for soft sand.

The items here are listed according to the pricing from low to high. Also, feel free to check out our 2022 Roundup of Best Beach Carts to buy.

ultimate beach cart xl best beach cart for oft sand
Image Credit Glampin Life

Ultimate Beach Cart XL

This full-size beach cart with large balloon tires is our all-time best-seller, and its fame is well-justified. The large balloon wheels make sure your cart rolls seamlessly no matter how loaded it is.

Pros: This wagon is also a 3-in-1 wagon that also converts into an umbrella and a two-people chair. 

Cons: This is a serious investment and therefore is best for those who use a beach wagon regularly.

rio wonder wheeler + cooler
Image Credit Glampin Life

Rio Wonder Wheeler

Rio Wonder Wheeler foldable beach carts are quite popular due to their friendly pricing-point, light-weight design, and flexible movements on the sand. The standard wheeler is the best beach wagon for soft sand if you’re hoping to keep your expenses low.

For more about the Wonder Wheeler, check out our in-depth review.

Pros: Affordable pricing and covers all your basic needs. Also comes with an umbrella holder.

Cons: Some reviews mentioned that the wheeler doesn’t roll too well on soft sand. Rather, it gets dragged alone.

Image Credit Amazon

Collegiate Wagon New Mexico Lobo

This is a heavy-duty wagon with a full steel frame. There are pouches for drinkware and a separate accessory pocket on the inside. When fully folded, the cart looks like a small briefcase with wheels. Therefore, it’s easy to store.

(You can also customize the college logo.)

Pros: Three large wheels make movements on the soft sand much easier.

Cons: Heavier than most other wagons.

malo wagon
Image Credit Malo Official Website

Lounge Wagon by Malo

Looking for a high-price-point investment? The Lounge Wagon by Malo would be a good choice. Its large sports wheels will roll easily across the soft sand.

Pros: This wagon is also a 3-in-1 wagon that also converts into an umbrella and a two-people chair. 

Cons: Wheels may have difficulty rolling on soft surfaces when fully loaded. Steel will rust.


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