Top Reclining Beach Chair With Footrest (Updated 2023)

January 17, 2023by Mike Mayleben

Nothing beats a chilled day by the water laying flat on a reclining beach chair with footrest. Just imagine it... It's finally getting warmer. The sun is up. You've got a fantastic beach umbrella secured in the sand, and all that's left is to lay down and chill.

Well, good news. whether you’re looking for backpack loungers, chairs with removable footrest, or folding chairs with built-in footrests, we’ve got you covered in this list! Also, keep in mind that we are gradually restocking our portable beach chair selection, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list if you haven’t already!

Flamingo Lounger Beach Chair

Flamingo Beach Lounger

We love our Flamingo Beach Lounger for many reasons. While this isn’t really a chair + footrest combo, this lounger serves just the same purposes, only better. This portable lounger can be adjusted to multiple positions, and the long-end design is a natural footrest.

This chair lounger features a rust-proof steel frame and durable polyester surface. The padded carry strap and handle makes it easy to carry the chair around over a longer distance without hurting your back.

You’ll also realize it’s almost impossible to find a better deal on a chair lounger like this in the market than buying from us!


tm Reclining Beach Chair With Footrest
Image Credit Bed Bath Beyond

Tommy Bahama Read-Thru Beach Lounger

As a luxury brand, Tommy Bahama never fails in providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Their Read-Thru Beach Lounger is perfect for that book lover in your family. The chair comes with deluxe molded arms, cooler bag, lumbar pillow, and footrest and has 5 adjustable positions.

Living up to the brand, this is one of the more expensive chairs in the market. But the quality, comfort, and design definitely justify the investment.



ostrich recliner
Image Credit Amazon

Ostrich Deluxe Padded 3N1 Reclining Beach Chair

With 5 adjustable chair positions and 3 adjustable foot positions, this 3-in-1 reclining beach chair from our beloved Ostrich brand will make you feel like a king! This deluxe version also comes with thicker, more comfortable padding.

As one of the leading camping chair brands, Ostrich also has more affordable options that are just as good. But we do recommend the Deluxe version because… if you’re investing n a new beach chair, why not get a good one that’s going to last?


SUNTIME reclining chair with footrest
Image Credit Amazon


This reclining mesh chair is light, portable, and breathes perfectly on the hottest days. It holds up to 200lbs and both the back and the footrest are adjustable. The footrest is also detachable for easier storage or whenever you don’t need it. The material is durable and super easy to clean. Just grab a damp towel and wipe the surface clean!


EZCHEER canopy recliner
Image Credit Amazon

EZCHEER Zero Gravity Chair Oversized with Canopy

Forget about the umbrella. EZCHEER has you covered with its oversized zero gravity chair that comes with a canopy and an adjustable footrest! This beach chair holds up to 400lbs, perfect for a heavier person, or cuddling with your little ones.


brella recliner with footrest
Image Credit Amazon


Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella has been growing in popularity in recent years. Their design are simple and convenient. For example, this 3-position reclining beach chair comes with a removable footrest and mini umbrella, providing you the comfort and shade you need for a day off at the beach.


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