Best Beach Carts to Buy (Updated 2023)

January 27, 2023by Mike Mayleben

Summer might be coming to an end, but the weather is so beautiful! Many are planning on a beach glamping trip to catch the tail of the summer. Others are thinking about going into the woods or the mountains. And one thing we’re all looking into are the best beach carts to buy right now.

Is This a Good Buy?

Just because they’re called beach carts, doesn’t mean they are restricted to waterside activities. Also known as beach wagons, these carts have proven themselves to be quite handy on various occasions.

For example, a high-quality wagon can be used for

  • Transporting your gear
  • Providing a fun nap spot for the little ones
  • Help create a comfortable site, such as holding up umbrellas

Besides the beaches, they are also suitable for sports events, picnics and BBQ parties, and RV glamping in general. Did you know some even use their beach wagons as shopping carts?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beach Cart

However, there are many products out there and the quality can vary significantly. How do you know if you’re buying the right item?

For starters, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to transport with my wagon?
  • Am I looking for a full-sized one, or would a foldable cart make more sense?
  • Will my cart mainly be going over sand, rocky grounds, grass, or soft soil?
  • What type of extensions and accessories would I need?
  • Am I buying this for regular usage or rare occasions only?

These questions will help you determine the type of beach wagon, additional equipment, as well as your spending budget.

Next, let’s look at the best beach carts to buy in 2021.

Beach Cart with 16in Balloon Wheels Loaded Down

Ultimate Beach Cart XL — Glampin’ Life

Our ultimate beach cart is our all-time best-seller as its value and functionality go far beyond the price. This cart features large balloon wheels that effortlessly roll in soft sand. You won't ever need to worry about getting stuck because the cart became full and started sinking into the ground.

The Ultimate Beach Cart XL also came with a variety of extensions and accessories. Some of the favorites are the umbrella arm extension and the newly stocked 8ft beach umbrellas.

You can also choose to add a surfboard rack or a chair rack to the cart.

Best Beach Cart for Soft Sand
From: Original price was: $599.99.Current price is: $499.99.
rio wonder wheeler + cooler

RIO Beach Wonder Wheeler + Cooler Bag

RIO Brands Wonder Wheeler is a multi-purpose folding beach cart with insulated cooler bag. It is a versatile utility cart and can hold a 48-quart cooler plus four beach chairs. This product is perfect for a day trip to the beach or lakefront.

Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Deluxe with Cooler Bag

Balloon Wheel Beach Cart

Limited Edition RIO Beach Balloon Wheel Wonder Wheeler + Cooler Bag

If you’re looking for something more flexible, then the Limited Edition RIO Wonder Wheeler with Balloon Wheels is exactly what you would want.

This cart comes with a mesh and liner that will hold all your outdoor necessities. It also features 12” balloon wheels plus two small swivel wheels for easy navigation. Plus, the folding cart design for easy transport.

When you’re done with the day, simply clean it up and fold it into your garage or storage space. This cart is 100% hassle-free and would become your favorite piece of glamping gear in no time.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon

Radio Flyer is a growing brand in the past few years, and this 3-in-1 wagon is especially appealing. This wagon comes with multiple variations for different purposes, such as for beach glamping or off-road travel.

You can choose to add a canopy to this wagon, or simply purchase the base and do all the remaining work yourself. The wagon holds up to 150 lbs and comes with water bottle pouches on the front. Additionally, it is safe for kids and comes with a seat belt for extra safety.

Compared to similar products, the Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon is definitely on the affordable end.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides

If you also use your beach wagon for heavy garden work, then the Gorilla GOR400-COM is your perfect choice.

This is one of the most sought-after heavy-duty beach wagons in the market — and for good reasons. The price is surprisingly friendly, even with the wagon being made with steel from top to toe.

The four sides are removable, allowing more flexibility for those carrying oversized objects. The paddle pull handle allows you to effortlessly haul up to 400 lbs of weight.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Creative Outdoor Push Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon

Creative Outdoor is one of the higher-end brands. Their wagons have solid qualities and smart designs. Plus, the visuals are modern and clean as well.

The Push Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon can support up to 150lbs, so your little one can safely get comfortable inside with their favorite toys. It also comes with a removable canopy that’s UV-proof and rain-proof.

Furthermore, once folded, this cart would easily fit in your trunk or the corner of your garage.

Photo Credit: Amazon

MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon

The MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Wagon is perfect for those with a tighter budget but still need a solid cart to transport toys, equipment, and other outing necessities.

The cart has a large capacity and requires no assembling, with extra-large wheels for better mobility. The fabric used can be easily cleaned, so you can safely use the cart for grocery runs.

However, this cart is not made for transporting kids!

Photo Credit: Amazon

BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Cart With Brake

We love this cart’s large wheels, sleek design, and bold color options. The cart comes with a heavy-duty frame and uses 600D polyester fabric for the inlay. It holds up to 176 lbs and also has 2 water bottle pouches on the front.

But most importantly, the brakes are such a smart addition! They hold the wagon perfectly on various landscapes, allowing us to use the cart everywhere we go without any concerns.

Plus, it also comes with 360-degree swivel wheels so we don’t need to worry about getting stuck.

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