Top 8 Beach Wagon With Big Wheels (Updated 2023)

February 2, 2023by Mike Mayleben

Beach season is right around the corner, so you know it’s time to check out our beach cart shopping guides, right? While our current Best Beach Cart list still holds accuracy, we wanted to introduce a few new ones, specifically our favorite beach wagon with big wheels.

Why You Want Big Wheels

Big wheel beach carts generally function much better than similar products with skinnier wheels, no matter how they may claim the wheels are multi-terrain.

Why? Simple physics.

Bigger wheels bring bigger interaction surfaces and therefore reduce the pressure each wheel receives. This means easier rolling, less getting stuck, and way lower possibility of a flat tire or broken wheel. 

Best Beach Wagon With Big Wheels

ultimate beach cart review

Ultimate Beach Cart XL

We’re not bragging. Our satisfied customers are the best proof that our Ultimate Beach Cart XL is the best big wheel beach wagon in the market. The 12” balloon wheels never break and effortlessly roll across soft sand even at max capacity.

This is the first time our cart is on sale plus a free shipping discount, so better put your order in before they sell out!

Wonder Wheeler Balloon Wheel Conversion Kit

Limited Edition RIO Beach Balloon Wheel Wonder Wheeler + Cooler Bag

It's one of the best folding beach carts on the market. Why? The 12" balloon wheels that come with the cart, that's why. Balloon wheels are the magic in sand, even the soft powdery sand you see in Florida. All the beach carts and wagons below may hold a lot, but you'll be digging trenches from the beach entrance until you get to the hardpack sand. No one wants to feel like a pack mule when you're trying to enjoy your time at the beach!

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portal collapsible beach wagon
Image Credit Amazon

PORTAL Collapsible Wagon

PORTAL’s collapsible wagon comes with 8” all-terrain wheels with rubber tapes in the middle, similar to actual tires. Thanks to that, this wagon can go through some pretty rough surfaces without any problem. Plus, it’s got a flexible handle to give you that extra push you need over a slope.

ML outdoor wagon w/ large wheels
Image Credit Amazon

Moon Lence Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

If you’re looking for a cheap but quality beach wagon with big wheels, check out Moon Lence. This specific folding wagon can hold up to 220lbs and features four 6” wide solid wheels. The internal pull rope allows you to fold and unfold in seconds. Overall, it’s a decent cart to buy if you’re tight on budget!

JOVNO multipurpose
Image Credit Amazon

JOVNO Multipurpose Large Wagon

JOVNO’s large all-terrain wheels are pretty solid and the rubber tread adds additional functionality and mobility to the wagon. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty, which is a good deal for those who go to the beach regularly. The only downside is it only holds 175lbs. But again, the pricing is quite competitive.

know life wagon with big wheels 7x4
Image Credit Amazon

Know Life Outdoor Camping Cart

Know Life is a less known brand, but their wagons are of decent quality and more affordable. The all-terrain wheels are 7” x 4”, actually larger than many of the wagons in the market. The cart weighs 22lbs and holds up to 180lbs.

wheeleez heavy duty beach wagon with large wheels
Image Credit Amazon

Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart

The brand Wheeleez is a guarantee itself. If you’re looking for a heavy duty beach wagon with big wheels, this one is probably your best choice. It holds up to 220lbs and the side straps let you stack your items up without worrying about them collapsing.

yardsam 400lbs garden cart
Image Credit Amazon

Yardsam Heavy Duty Garden Carts

This is more so a garden cart than a beach cart, but the material is powder-coated, therefore rust-proof. In that case, we don’t see any problems taking it to the beach! The10“ Flat-Free wheels are the second largest in the market. Plus, it has an insane capacity of 400lbs!




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