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July 1, 2017by Mike Mayleben0

This is one app that I should have been using for years, so I’m a little disappointed in myself for not finding this sooner! I’ve used Google Maps for years, even with all the missing features that I’ve always wanted in a navigation app. As we were leaving for Myrtle Beach, Jeannie introduced me to the Waze app.

Google Maps works fine if all you need is a way to get from point A to B. The challenge is when you want to plan a trip with stops, there isn’t a direct way to do this with the Google app.

Introduce Waze, an app that lets you plan a trip with unlimited stops, integrates with Spotify so that you can listen to music while the navigation app runs AND the kicker: Waze users can report points on the roadway where police are sitting, road hazards and other important things to know about.

I now use this app anywhere I go, not just on trips. My two favorite features is being notified of upcoming police to keep from getting speeding tickets and being able to listen to Spotify at the same time. This is a much needed app!

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