That Beach Cart Is Too Expensive... Or Is It?

April 20, 2020by Mike Mayleben
Glampin Life beach cart xl

One thing we notice when we advertise on Facebook is how much people LOVE our Beach Cart XL. It's the Ultimate Beach Cart in functionality, and isn't nearly as pricey as our competition (if you compare apples to apples).

Occasionally we get people that comment how our cart is too much for our cart... but is it really too expensive, or just the reality that not everyone can afford to buy a luxury item? We all agree, it's the latter, and there's nothing wrong with that - everyone has different budgets. But lets compare to see where our Beach Cart XL stands to its competition.

Pains the Beach Cart XL solves:

  • Rolls super easy in soft sand because of large balloon glide wheels. Other style wheels dig trenches in the sand.
  • Umbrella mounts to the beach cart or swing arm. No more digging, pounding or screwing your umbrella into the sand hoping it will stay up.
  • Lightweight and 100% Rust Free. Our beach carts (both of them) are made of aluminum.
  • Enough space to hold your gear, but still able to be transported in your vehicle.

Meet Our Competition

We always recommend you shop around to see what your options are before making a purchase, check out some other beach carts on the market.




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