2020 Buyers Guide: Best Beach Carts

April 21, 2020by Mike Mayleben


Top 2 beach carts on the market for quality, functionality and price.

Going to the beach is supposed to be a full packed day. Feeling like a pack mule just to get there isn't the best way to start. Everyone knows the struggle of trying to carry your chairs, cooler, umbrella, towels, toys, personal items, towels, boogie board - I could go on and on. Then you add in the kids, wife, pets, etc. I know you know what I'm talking about - it can be a lot of stuff. We haven't even touched the effort to get your umbrella into the sand, so that it stays up all day.

There are options... all kinds of options. Cheap beach carts, expensive beach carts and some in between. Most important, you have to buy a beach cart that fits your budget and needs - more than not the budget plays a bigger role than your needs. Looking for the Ultimate Beach Cart? We have what you need.

There is a beach cart  wagon that stands out from the pack - the Beach Cart XL, the ultimate beach cart on the market. It's half the price of it's competition, compact enough to transport to the beach in your vehicle, glides in soft sand with large balloon wheels, has chair racks and enough space inside to carry all your gear. 100% rust free, lightweight and comes with a liner to keep everything in your cart, with a hard bottom and a pocket to hold your valuables. Most importantly, you can mount your umbrella to the beach cart! Instant hassle-free shade. Need a folding beach cart? Check out the Rio Wonder Wheeler + Cooler, you can add our balloon wheel conversion kit so that it glides in soft sand!

Beach Cart XL with Umbrella Swing Arm




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