7 Fun, Pretty, Unique Customized Wood Camping Sign Designs

December 24, 2021by J. Mayleben

What should you do during the offseason? Well, getting your camping gear updated, of course! And one of the core things you should always have is, of course, a customized wood camping sign. And, to get your creative juice flowing, we’ve gathered 7 of the prettiest customized wood camping sign designs online for your reference.

relief sculptor
Image Credit Etsy

Relief Sculptured Sign

It’s not the first time people add 3D accents to a wood sign, but you also don’t see a real sculpted sign every day! This little sho on Etsy will carve your design into a relief sculpture, and the simple color design definitely makes your eyes focus on the unique texture of the sign.

camping sign ideas cursive chalk
Image Credit Walmart

Cursive Modern Silouhette Sign

It’s always fun to play with negative spaces and make the design pop out on a dark sign. For those into minimalistic modern design, this sign definitely goes with your aesthetics.

We especially love the silhouettes incorporated in this design, which adds a good mixture of playfulness and elegance to the sign.

handdrawn wooden camping
Image Credit Etsy

Handdrawn Doodle Sign

Handdrawn style became so popular in the past few years, especially with the younger population getting into camping, outdoors, and RV conversion. When looking for camping sign inspo, you’ll notice a lot of cute doodle styles that are more chic and playful.

These designs are also perfect for those traveling with kids. You can also incorporate your furbabies into your design.

laser cut camping sign design
Image Credit afcultures

Laser Cut Signs

Laser cut designs are another addition to the customized camping sign world. With today’s technology, these signs can take much more complicated designs. Laser cuts also work on a variety of materials. So, if wooden signs aren’t really your thing, try a rustic metal sign instead!

rv woodcut
Image Credit Etsy

RV/Camper Signs

Looking for a sign for your camper? Why not make the whole sign an RV shape, then! This little Etsy shop produces adorable hand-drawn signs cut into the shape of an RV or camper. You can easily hang it up by the chain or just leave it in your window.

Image Credit Etsy

Rustic Chalk Sign

Chalk signs were super trendy a few years ago, and now it’s making a comeback! You can find whatever design you want and draw these easily with chalk paint markers by yourself. Or, you can buy a customized camping sign from somewhere else.

minimalistic wooden camping sign
Image Credit Etsy

Minimalistic Multi-Signs

Sometimes simple art works better than a thousand words, especially when you put them together into a chain! We love the playfulness in this design. The minimalistic symbols pop up so clearly on the raw wood background, and the woven links definitely add a bohemian touch to it.




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