6 Simple Ways to DIY Wood Camp Signs

December 28, 2021by J. Mayleben

Lately, we’ve shared some fun camping sign designs. But did you know you can DIY wood camp signs using one of the following methods? After all, a handmade sign may not look the best, but would definitely add a splash of personality to your next trip.

wood burn signs
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Wood Burning

A lot of people think of wood-burning as this cool funky trick that only artists can handle. That’s a common misunderstanding. Wood burning is actually super easy to get into, especially if you’re just trying to make a simple camp sign.

You can find wood burning beginner’s kits easily online. Most of these come with basic stencils like letters and simple shapes. Be creative and combine them together and you’ve got yourself a camp sign!

DIY carved wood signs
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Carve Your Own Sign

Another cool DIY approach would be carving your own sign. If that sounds too daunting, don’t worry. You can get one of those standard store signs, then add carved accents to it. This lets you weather and age your sign, creating a unique rustic effect.

Or, if you’re comfortable with actually carving a sign, then go for it. You can draw your design on the wood, or transfer it using a specific type of paper. Then, grab your tools and get the carving going!

spray paint wood camp sign
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Stencil and Spray

Stencil and spray is probably the easiest way to DIY wood camp signs. You can make your own stencil by printing it out and cutting the shapes out, or you can buy stencils from craft stores, like Michaels or your local art supply shop.

If you spray paint your sign, make sure to grab some sealant as well. Otherwise, your sign would either get destroyed by weather or won’t last long in general — and we don’t want that!

draw with paint marker
Image Credit Pinterest

Permanent Markers

Don’t underestimate permanent markers or even sharpies! You can make some really cool designs on wood with permanent markers if you prime your surface properly and seal it afterward.

You can also use chalk markers or metallic paint markers if you want a light-on-dark-background visual effect!

acrylic sign
Image Credit Pinterest

Paint With Acrylics

If you have faith in your artistic talent, go get a basic acrylic set and some cheap brushes. Acrylics are the best to paint with on wood for beginners, and they dry out quickly. Just make sure you seal it with a layer of garnish or professional wood sealant for longevity.

3d recycled wood camp signs
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Use Recycled Materials

Finally, want to take your DIY wood camp signs to a whole new level? Utilize items you can easily collect, especially those you can recycle from nature! After all, there is no rule saying you can’t glue stuff to your sign, right?

May it be pinecones, preserved flowers, animal bones, or even driftwood. You can glue them to your wood sign using either wood glue or super glue. You can even make this into an ongoing project, adding new trinkets after every trip!

Custom Camp Sign
Image Credit Glampin Life

Ordering a Camping Sign from Glampin’ Life

Don’t want to bother with too much work? Check out our signs made of solid pine wood with your choice of sealant. We also offer paint finish and have various sign sizes you can choose from. Create your design and let us do the engraving for you.

The best part? You can still claim it as a DIY sign since the design came from you!


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