The Latest RIO Beach Chairs Review (Updated 2022)

February 8, 2022by Mike Mayleben

One of our best-selling products is the RIO beach chairs. So, as we restock, let’s take a look at different beach loungers and chairs available from RIO Brands and see if they’re worth your investment!

Why RIO Products

RIO brands is a trusted brand by many American families when it comes to beach glamping products. Their items are fairly-priced and come in good quality. Many patented safety designs also make their products many households’ favorite.

Since 1947, RIO Brands has been bringing beach essentials to households across the States. Nowadays, RIO brand products continue to bring the joy and relaxation of beachside glamping to many ordinary households.

Rio Beach Chair Collection 2

RIO Beach Chairs

One of RIO Brand’s most famous patents is the backpack beach chairs. That aside, they also carry a wide variety of loungers and lay flat beach chairs for kids, heavy adults, and the elderly.

Boasting colorful design, lightweight, outstanding portability, and sturdy design, RIO Beach Chairs have remained the best beach chairs in the market for a very long time. In this review, we will go through some of the most popular models from RIO, and hopefully, we find you your new beach favorite!

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Warranties and Replacement

Most RIO beach chairs come with a 1-year limited warranty. If you bought yours from Amazon or other 3rd party platforms, you may also have 14 days of unconditional return and refund.

Rio-5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair

RIO Beach 5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair

Speaking of the most classic RIO beach chair, it’s got to be the 5-Position Lay Flat Chair. With a playful rainbow design, this beach chair has 5 adjustable positions and features RIO’s patented SAFE-ADJUST technology.

Meanwhile, the wooden armrests provide plenty of resting space, and the side mesh bag is perfect for a small tumbler or your phone and wallet.

RIO Gear Backpack Multi-Position Lounge Chair

RIO Beach Chair Lounger

The Backpack Multi-Position Beach Chair Lounger is perfect for the beach or pool. It comes with padded adjustable backpack straps and a large storage pouch for easy transportation and features durable polyester fabric and a rust-proof steel frame.

The chair lounger holds up to 250lbs and has several adjustable presets. It comes with a lay-flat option for those who just want to chill and nap at the beach. It also works great as a tanning chair.

RIO Beach chair big boy 4 po adjustable
Image Credit Amazon

RIO Beach Big Boy 4-Position Folding Beach Chair

The Big Boy Folding Beach Chair is a lot sturdier than the regular chairs. It comes with wide armrests and a padded neck/headrest on the back. The chair features an extra-wide 22" seat width and sits 13" off the ground, making it higher than the standard 8" seat height. Therefore, it is perfect for larger individuals or those that prefer a taller chair in general.

While the chair is heavy-duty, its aluminum frame is actually quite light, making it easy to carry it around. The large, padded backpack straps also make transportation easier on your shoulders.

rio big kahuna
Image Credit Amazon

RIO Beach Big Kahuna Extra Large Folding Beach Chair

The Rio Beach big Kahuna extra wide folding beach chair is built for the big & tall. Featuring an extra-wide seat and higher backrest, the Big Kahuna can support up to 280 lbs.

The rust-proof, heavy-duty aluminum frame is built to last, and the patented locking brackets reinforce the chair’s strength, preventing the chair from folding or collapsing while in use. Looking for a beach chair that will bring you all-day comfort while you try to get that perfect tan? The Big Kahuna features 5 reclining positions including a lay-flat option.

Maybe… Just maybe, it’s time to get pampered?

rio kids beach chair
Image Credit Amazon

RIO Beach Kid's 5-Position Lay Flat Backpack Folding Beach Chair

Looking for RIO beach chairs made for the little ones? Our favorite is this Kid’s 5-position lay flat backpack folding chair. It features a large adjustable pillow, storage pouch, and a cup holder that’s also good for phones or other toys. Indeed, this kid’s chair provides a premium experience for your little one.

Also, patented and only by Rio Beach, the adjustable backpack shoulder strap with a large storage pouch is perfect for taking on the go — light and compact enough for your kiddo to carry it by themselves!

rio beach chairs lace up backpack
Image Credit Amazon

Rio Brands Beach Lace-Up Suspension Folding Beach Chair

Compared to other products, the lace-up suspension chair has a much more chic and elegant design. With the carry bag or the backpack function, you can finally take your beach chair out with style!

The light, rust-free aluminum frame weighs only 8lbs but can hold up to 240lbs. Meanwhile, the laced design and flexible fabric give you more comfort as you softly lean into the chair.

Best Beach Chairs to Buy in 2022

There are many new products coming out in 2022, and our favorite brands are also staying strong in the market. Tommy Bahama, RIO Brands, Coleman… Therefore, you certainly won’t be short of options.

However, make sure you check the material and weight capacity of the chair you want. Sometimes these chairs have similar names and it’s easy to make a mistake. Also, check the return and warranty policies from wherever you buy, especially if you didn’t get to try the chair in person before making a purchase.

Generally, we like the lay-flat chairs better since they serve as both a chair and a lounger. Another reason we love RIO beach chairs is that they have great adjustability and don’t get stuck. So, if we have to pinpoint the best beach chairs for now, we’d definitely give the championship to RIO brands.

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Upgrade your beach glampin gear list with the best beach chairs in the market from one of the nation’s favorite brands! You can also subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when we restock other products. As we mentioned at the beginning, our RIO beach chairs get grabbed fast! Therefore, be sure to keep an eye open or they’d be gone again.




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