School Bus Conversion for Family of 4 or More

January 14, 2022by Mike Mayleben

When we talked about skoolie conversion ideas last time, we mainly focused on those living many younger generations’ dream life — the digital nomads or corporate weekend road warriors. So, this time, we’re bringing you some ideas for school bus conversion for family of 4 or more.

finding us bus
Image Credit findingusbus on Instagram

@FindingUsBus’s Skoolie for Five

For families looking for skoolie conversion ideas, Finding Us Bus definitely has a lot to offer. This family of 5 turned a school bus into an off-grid home and has since been living their dream life — although they’re not traveling as of now.

The best takeaway from their school bus is how they custom built a lot of their furniture, especially the cabinets since many people find it hard to get their hands on cabinets that actually work in a school bus.


family of 4 school bus
Image Credit themayesteam on Instagram

4 Kids + 2 Poodles in a Schoolbus from The Mayes Team

Love your kids, but also love your fur babies? The Mayes Team has done the impossible. They’ve converted a school bus into a kid-friendly, dog-friendly home!

Traveling with their 4 kids and 2 poodles, the young couple’s bus features a modern, bright interior. To save on space, they chose bunker beds for their kids and put them behind a separator from the master bedroom, while using the space under the master bed for storage.

This account also shares a lot of goodies on how to run a remote business while living the full-time skoolie life. So, if that’s something you’re interested in, definitely check out their website!


basic conversion and furniture
Image credit yongventurous on Instagram

Family-Friendly Short Bus Conversion by @yongventurous

This family of 4 is full-time traveling in their school bus, and the username (YONG) is the initials of the 4 family members. Isn’t that cute?

This family bus may not have the fanciest interior, but that’s why it’s perfect for those just starting out with skoolie conversion and who want to take it easy. They used an open floor plan, which basically went along the two sides of the bus. Their furniture is simple but serves all necessary life purposes.


solar bus with animal
Image Credit thebarefootbandits on Instagram

Off-Grid Solar Bus from

Looking to turn your school bus into an off-grid home powered by solar? Follow Jacq Marines now! The Barefoot Bandit bus features a chic, Bohemian interior with a neutral tone. The walls are filled with playful illustrations and unique decors.

They have a lot of timelapse videos and reels showing you how the bus got put together, and it makes it way easier than trying to find articles and using pictures to guess how they did their conversion!

Jacq also runs a skoolie conversion business for those who’d rather just sit back and enjoy the fruit of a successful conversion. So check their website out if you need their help!


boho skoolie for family of 4
Image Credit backroadsorbus on Instagram

@backroadsorbust’s School Bus with Bunk Room

This is another full-time traveling family, and they’re traveling with a toddler. So, parents of the real little ones, listen up. Living in the school bus with a child under 4 is absolutely possible!

This fun, hippie, rustic school bus features a separate bunk room that actually provides plenty of space for both the kids and the adults. You’ll find a lot of overhead shots of the interior on their Instagram account, which helps viewers to put together their floorplan.


mobile salon
Image Credit adamjoanieadventures on Instagram

The Mobile Salon

This couple went a mile further and pulled their business into the school bus, while living with their 3 kids! Their school bus features a rustic interior, but what really got our attention was the kitchen. A full-size stove oven, tons of storage… this is nothing less than your regular kitchen in a small apartment!

The interior is also full of beautiful little surprises, so, we definitely recommend you to explore their account if you are converting a school bus for family of 4 or more!


mega bus family of 8
Image Credit 8people3dogsandasnakeonabus on Instagram

Mega School Bus Conversion by The Evans Family

And finally, the big shot! The Evans Family converted a school bus for their family of EIGHT! Crazy? Well, the craziest part is their bus still looks roomy and comfy.

Pay close attention to the skoolie floor plan they use and how they combined furniture and storage. For example, all their seats serve as storage containers at the same time, and bunker beds for the kids are actually part of the hallway, hidden behind curtains.




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