Beech Lane Camper Leveler


INCLUDES ONE LEVELER AND ONE CHOCK- PRECISE, FRUSTRATION FREE LEVELING IN ANY INCREMENT FROM 1/2 INCH TO 4 INCHES IN UNDER 5 MINUTES- Are you ready for smooth, precise leveling experience without the hassle of stacking plastic blocks or wood under your tires and guessing each time? Make leveling your rig a lightning fast and precise task. Easily level your trailer any increment from 1/2 inch up to 4 inches in under 5 minutes. Make your camp set up quick, easy, and frustration free!
ULTRA STRONG LEVELER IS BUILT WITH HIGHEST QUALITY POLYMER CONSTRUCTION TO LAST A LIFETIME- Unlike other camper levelers that snap in half under 6000 lbs of load, the Beech Lane leveler is constructed with an extremely high performace polymer used typically in structural load bearing applications. The result is a ROCK SOLID leveler that does not break under the weight of the trailer like other levelers do. Rated for use with campers that weigh up to 35,000 LBs.
TWO LEVELERS CAN BE USED FOR DUAL AXLE TRAILERS, BUT UP TO 4″ MAY NEED TO BE CUT OFF THE END OF ONE LEVELER DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH SPACE IS BETWEEN TIRES- For dual axle trailers one leveler may need to be cut to length to fit, up to 4″ can be cut off the leveler with no adverse effects. The amount of space needed between tires to fit without cutting depends on tire size. Typically it is about 2.5″ to 3″ of space, but this varies with tire size.

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